terça-feira, 1 de maio de 2012

Foi uma noite em grande, foi um bom "final de aulas". Foi um dia que começou mal e com demasiados imprevistos, mas foi uma noite que acabou da melhor maneira!

Começo a achar que penso demais em ti! Perante isto não tenho mais nada a dizer:

"Close the door
I don't wanna let the cold in
Cause the night is getting older and I'm tired

Hold me close
And I won't let another soul in
Cause you are everything and all I need tonight

You have my heart
Yours for the keeping
You are the first thing I believed in
And now I'm yours and you are mine tonight

Take my hand
Cause I don't want to be without you
You're my anchor and my lighthouse in the storm

Lead the way
Cause I don't want to walk without you
You're a the rose amongst a bitter world of thorns

My heart is yours
It's clean and healing
You've closed the wounds and stopped the bleeding
I'll give you all I am, give you my life

And I will never let you down
And I will never turn away

And I will never be alone another day
Cause you are everything and all I need tonight "

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patrícia disse...

a sério? ai, adoro quando se identificam com o que passo!!